Centre City 2​.​0

by Cloud Waste and the Calf

456 05:12
Interchange 04:27
YBMR 04:49


Driving into the centre city on the 456, you journey through the underpass that the famed / infamous 'Concrete Collar' outer ringway
rumbles above. Immediately you are amongst the brooding, grey, tower blocks and office buildings that loom above. Dimly lit windows are visible against the rain grey concrete. Occasionally you may see a suited, bespectacled figure at random windows staring blankly outwards.

In the heart of the Centre City 'progress' is the new byword. A forest of
cranes has sprung up. It is construction time. New towers and shopping complexes are springing up in the inevitable concrete. Shoppers shuffle along heads down against the rain barely even noticing the activity overhead.

Passing through the Interhange where in the words of famed Centre City architect Oakley Boyce 'The Car was King' you see a dim blue glow in the sky, and in reflections in tower block windows. This is from waves emanating from the landmark which is the YBMR communications tower.

Rising 500 feet above the City, the YBMR tower is a visible landmark
above the grey of the city due to the blue hue from the transmitter aerials and dishes that protrude from the very top of the tower. Random red lights are dotted around signalling its position to low flying aircraft and Centre City government agency helicopters.
The YBMR tower is rumoured to be 31 floors in total. Several Centre City government departments are said to operate from there. It is alleged that a tunnel connects YBMR to the headquarters of the Centre City Constabulary.

On completion of a full circle of the inner 'Kingsway' you are spat back onto the 456 dual carriageway somehow changed by all you've seen in...
The Centre City

Bryan Cowan, chief reporter, Centre City Chronicle (Paper)
April 2020


released April 20, 2020

All music and sounds made and created by Pete Hackett
Recorded at Brikhaus Bunker studios between Autumn 2019 - Spring 2020
With careful thanks to the Centre City Council for the Arts.


all rights reserved



Cloud Waste and the Calf West Midlands, UK

Its electronic music with a retro feel. Lots of bleepy noises with a sprinkling of haunted voices....

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